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Past Officers

1975 G W Nunn (Hallowes) W H Parkin (Dore & Totley)
1976 G Lomas (Phoenix) L F Southern (Hallowes)
1977 C A Laycock (Hallamshire) M W Field (Rotherham)
1978 H Riley (Hallowes) A C Worsman (Hillsborough)
1979 J Hulley (Tankersley Park) F Lancashire (Sitwell Park)
1980 J M Gillott (Abbeydale) L Hobson (Dore & Totley)
1981 E Beeson (Rotherham) F R Boyd (Phoenix)
1982 K M C Stoneman (Dore & Totley) W R Clayton (Renishaw Park)
1983 C W Clough (Hillsborough) P T Baldwin (Sickleholme)
1984 J Salisbury (Chesterfield) P B Wharton (Abbeydale)
1985 H Morley (Sitwell Park) C Woodward (Worksop)
1986 P W Hickinson (Hallamshire) J Robinson (Rotherham)
1987 J L Dixon (Hallowes) A Butcher (Phoenix)
1988 R Swinden (Sickleholme) E D Powell (Lees Hall)
1989 D U Foster (Hallamshire) A D Scholey (Wortley)
1990 J Stewart (Worksop) J M Foster (Abbeydale)
1991 J R Smith (Wheatley) G Barnett (Sitwell Park)
1992 W Nuttall (Dore & Totley) L G Crampton (Tankersley Park)
1993 P B Wharton (Abbeydale) T G Robinson (Chesterfield)
1994 N Wills (Hillsborough) D Elliott (Wheatley)
1995 E J Lilleker (Rotherham) H W Broadbent (Wortley)
1996 R J Armitage (Wortley) J J Burrows (Phoenix)
1997 M H Hunter (Serlby Park) B A Meldrum (Hallowes)
1998 V Smith (Sitwell Park) P W Staniforth (Renishaw Park)
1999 P Winfield (Hickleton) D Cann (Hallamshire)
2000 G Harrison (Sickleholme) T Diskin (Dore & Totley)
2001 J Pepper (Wath) M Cummins (Doncaster)
2002 G Hulley (Wortley) R Parkin (Lees Hall)
2003 L V Smith (Hallowes) G Simmonite (Sitwell Park)
2004 A Beresforde (Hickleton) P Graham (Grange Park)
2005 T Flannery (Wath) D Axe (Hallowes)
2006 H Housley (Lees Hall) M J Greaves (Sitwell Park)
2007 E Bland (Roundwood) G Cutts (Dore & Totley)
2008 S Quinn (Rotherham) J Meredith (Lees Hall)
2009 A Marriott (Roundwood) B Lawson (Sitwell Park)
2010 K A Clay (Chesterfield) P Dyson (Tankersley Park)
2011 R Uttley (Wheatley) R Charity (Grange Park)
2012 A Butcher (Silstone) D Lee (Renishaw Park)
2013 S Madden (Lees Hall) M Longden (Sitwell Park)
2014 I Whitehouse (Sickleholme) I Smith (Dore & Totley)
2015 R Powell (Bawtry) R Adams (Rotherham)
2016 R Armitage (Renishaw Park) M Langan (Tankersley)
2017 A Wood (Sitwell Park) A Price (Wath)
2018 B Summerson (Beauchief) P Smallman (Rotherham)
2019 K Hawley (Serlby Park) T Garvey (Beauchief)

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